What is it?

Appsion is designed to mobilise a Whānau Ora Navigator in assisting Whānau who have committed to a Whānau Ora intervention. APPSION gives navigators access to the comprehensive needs assessment and turns hours of discussion into a 10-minute assessment that quickly identifies priority goals, identifies needs and whānau strengths. These Needs and Strengths are visualized by a symbolic design of hope and achievement, the Poutama – The Poutama. This visual gives the worker a clearer picture of how they can assist whānau in their journey.

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Te Kōhao provides a range of carious services and programs to the families of the Waikato region. These services relate to Health, Social, Education and Justice environments.

Benefits of Appsion

Setting up great-looking reports that demonstrate quickly what your key people want to see is easy. A report for yourself, the whanau you support, your manager, a funder or anyone interested. Here’s how it works: just upload your data, select the report you want and then we’ll do the rest.

Saves Time

Communication with whanau is faster and less expensive. Time spent filing, organizing, and searching for paper documents is time that could be spent on more productive tasks. Assessments and reports are stored in Appsion, which is basically a well-organized digital filing cabinet where all of your assessments and reports live. Appsion gives you the ability to find assessments at the click of a button, much more quickly than the manual process of searching for a specific file in a buried folder. Use the extra time on other projects.

Saves Space

Paper takes up a lot of space – as do filing cabinets and space to store those filing cabinets. What’s worse, paper keeps piling up, quicker than it can be sorted and organized. Appsion stores all your digitalised assessments and generated reports.

Saves Money

Appsion improves process efficiency, saving you money. Appsion eliminates the need of wasting money on paper, printers, ink, office space and time to manage paperwork. The savings on time become especially valuable in regards to regulatory audits and repetitive, high-volume tasks like expense reimbursements.

Eases Transfer of Information

Appsion is a simple process for assessing, and storing these assessments and reports. These assessments and reports are easily saved and retrieved on the go, giving you peace of mind.

Boosts Security

Physical documents are hard to track – reams of paper can get lost, misfiled or destroyed without anyone noticing. It can also be difficult to monitor the access, printing and copying of sensitive files. Appsion allows you to have data security.

Stories of success

Te Kohao Health's Champion Whanau - Raina Clary

Live database metrics


34 000

+ 1200 this month


7 988

+ 198 this month



+ 12 this month



+ 22% this year



+ 17,3% this year



+ 34,5% this year

Pepi fully immunised
at 2 years


+ 5,5% this year

Pepi (0-4 y.o.)
dental enrollment


+ 3,7% this year

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