Te Kōhao Health is a charitable company and has been operating for the past 25 years from Kirikiriroa Marae servicing the wider Waikato region. At Te Kōhao Health we pride ourselves on exceptional service. All our therapists are highly experienced and trained in Mirirmiri māori massage, circulation therapy, hyperbaric chambers and pulse electromagnetic field equipment. The therapies assist with relaxation, circulation issues, wound recovery, relief from pain and much more. With a wide range of therapies and medical services available, it's the perfect place to go for your well-being and to feel great.

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Te Kōhao Health Ltd

Kirikiriroa Marae, 951 Wairere Dr
PO Box 7107, Kirikiriroa

Call: 07 856 5479 or 0800 483 564  
Fax: 07 856 5938

Privacy Notice

Te Kohao collects and keeps information about patients health for the purpose of making sure that patients receive appropriate care and treatment, and for associated administrative tasks.