Build It And They Will Come

Our 20 year journey

Whānau Ora

Te Kōhao Health is part of Whānau Ora. Whānau Ora is about successful whānau who are:
  • Self-managing
  • Living healthy lifestyles
  • Participating fully in society
  • Participating in Te Ao Māori
  • Economically secure and are successfully involved in wealth creation
  • Cohesive, resilient and nurturing
Whānau determine what their priorities, needs and aspirations are.

Together, great things are possible

This is a partnership focused on achieving nga tumanako (hopes) me nga moemoea (dreams).
If you want what’s best for you and your whanau and are willing to make that happen then join Whānau Ora today and turn your aspirations into reality.


  • A referral can be made to Whānau Ora by anyone including self referrals
  • A comprehensive assessment will help identify the strengths and needs of your Whānau
  • Whānau action plan will be written together with you and your Whānau to identify what it would take to make your Whānau successful
  • A navigator will be assigned to support your Whānau to implement your Whānau plan and monitor progress towards achieving your outcomes

Tikanga Principles

Te Kōhao Health works on the basis of tikanga principles:
  • Utu (reciprocity)
  • Tika (that which is right)
  • Pono (honesty and integrity)
  • Aroha (love)
  • Manaakitanga (Respect)
Koha is an unconditional gift supporting whanau during times of need. That same principle applies to Whānau Ora. There is an expectation that we will all help each other. As one whānau receives, that whanau is expected to give when another whānau is in need. This is Awhi Atu, Awhi Mai.

Better, Sooner, More Convenient

Te Kōhao Health is also about:
By managing chronic conditions and supporting whānau with a wider range of health care options, better health can be achieved.


Te Kōhao Health Ltd is a member of National Hauora Coalition and National Urban Māori Authority. For reporting purposes only Te Kōhao Health may provide its memberships with information but your name or any other identifiable information will be kept confidential.
Whaia tau e hiahia ai, kia eke ai ki te taumata.
Follow your dreams and you will reach the summit.
Build it and they will come

Build it and they
will come

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Against all odds, under the direction of our Kaumatua, coupled with absolute faith Atua, Te Kōhao received sponsorship, support and investment from many members of our community. In May 2009, its first Whānau Ora Centre was opened.