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Medical Centres

Te Kōhao Health provides health services through a number of clinics. The following links provide details of these clinics and allows you to amen appointments directly with these providers online.You can see the locations of our Medical Centres on the accompanying map below.

1. Te Whare Kokonga (Melville Medical Centre)

Telephone: (07) 843 8811 | Email:

2. Poihakena (Raglan) Medical Centre

Telephone: (07) 825 0956 | Email:


3. Miro O Te Ora

Telephone: 0800 4 835 6426 | Email:

4. Enderley

Telephone: (07) 8530065 | Email:

You can use the links below the map to go directly to the applicable service. Note the Whānau Ora Mobile Chronic Disease Management service is mobile and not on the map.

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