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Niagara Therapy

Fascinating Facts:
Niagara Therapy has been proven to increase blood flow via deep tissue massage, relax muscles, help muscles and connecting nerves communicate more effectively.

There are 4 fundamental benefits that research and studies have proven Niagara Therapy can achieve on a temporary and repeatable basis* at the locally applied area (*when used as directed). It can:
  • Improve your circulation
  • Improve your Lymphatic Drainage
  • Relax your muscles
  • Improve your nerve-muscle communication

By improving the blood circulation, more oxygen, nutrients, anti-bodies, vitamins, minerals, hormones, and other vital body repair material, are carried to the needed areas to help the natural healing process. Niagara Therapy has been proven to accelerate the healing time of open wounds. (for example: It is used directly after surgery in the Taiwan Veterans Hospital Intensive Care Unit)

By improving the lymphatic circulation (drainage) more waste products such as toxins, excess fluid, and large waste protein molecules can be removed, which helps reduce swelling (lymphoedema), eases local pressure, and reduces toxic waste build-up.

By easing muscle tension, the pain from muscle spasm is reduced; fatigue is reduced (relaxed muscles use less energy); restful drug-free sleep can be induced; circulation is improved (deep tissue massage releases the tension around the arteries to facilitate improved blood flow and a lymphatic 'flush out'); and there is less pressure on joints - thus improving joint mobility and reducing joint pain (eg back pain and arthritic joint pain).

By improving the muscle-nerve communication, the muscles have increased potential to do what they are capable of doing. Niagara Therapy lowers the amount of electrical stimulation (nerve impulse) that is needed in order for the muscle fibre to react favourably, i.e. 'contract'.

Key Benefits
Fundamentally, your body is designed to heal itself but sometimes the body just needs a bit of help. A simple example is:

if you cut yourself you will heal faster with good circulation than if you have poor circulation (all other factors being equal).

The health benefits of massage have been proven over thousands of years in many cultures. The issue is:

"How can you enjoy a gentle,
therapeutic massage whenever you want?"

Niagara will not cure anything, but it can help the body help itself.

(NB Use only as directed and if symptoms persist, see your doctor)

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