Parenting services

Popoia Te Mokopuna has been established to work with communities where there are vulnerable Maori Whānau with children under three years of age who:

  • Are not currently engaged in formal early learning programmes
  • Need guidance and support to provide intentional early learning activities for their children;
  • Need support to develop ideas and activities that incorporate reading, talking and playing in the home and outdoors.

Popoia Te Mokopuna aligns with the guiding principles of Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013-2017, the Maori education strategy, including the Maori potential approach. It is underpinned by the principles of Te Whāriki the Early Childhood Curriculum and is designed to meet whānau needs and has been developed in consultation with whānau.


0800 4 TEKŌHAO (8356426)

Please ask for Poipoia te Mokopuna Services