Primary mental health service

This service aims to provide qualified mental health staff within the primary care setting who can support, deliver, educate, and coordinate mental health & addiction services in primary care.

What we do

  • Undertake clinical assessments
  • Develop packages of care
  • Provide follow up assessments
  • Deliver brief interventions
  • Develop closer links with other health organisations.

The goals of the service are

  • To ensure that people living with mild to moderate mental health & addiction issues in the community are supported, and are linked to the appropriate health services;
  • To work with people with mild to moderate mental health & addiction issues, who without support might require secondary mental health services;
  • Applying evidence based mental health practice;
  • Up skill health professionals within primary care teams so that they work consistently in terms of the ways they screen and assess people for mental health & addiction problems and that they have knowledge of available mental health & addiction services at all levels of care, and
  • Improve understanding within the PHO’s enrolled population by raising the community’s general level of understanding about mental health & addiction issues.

Contact details

0800 4 TEKŌHAO (8356426)

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