Impact Initiatives


The current Collective impact initiative has created positive achievements to date


  • Strong internal communications
  • Connection of Whānau with other services which are not just income-related
  • Positive employment outcomes for Whānau
  • Room for innovation to meet Whānau needs
  • Positive connections of Whānau to education
  • Connection of Whānau back to their tribes
  • Large number of Whānau identified and engaged
  • Connection of urban Māori to their Iwi
  • New jobs for Collective staff
  • Whānau success stories and role models
  • Whānau Tahi usage and reporting
  • Improved Whānau financial independence
  • Whānau-centric (and goal-centric)
  • Leading New Zealand as a Collective (thought leadership)
  • Broadened scope of services provided
  • Collective partners work closely together
  • Integration across services
  • 4 Iwi providers and 4 urban Māori providers
  • New relationships and discussions
  • Streamlined systems
  • Technology and knowledge sharing
  • Crisis support for Whānau
  • Increased training opportunities for staff

Collective Impact - Key Messages

A New Way of Thinking about Working Together:

Collective Impact requires a new way of thinking about working together. These key messages are critical to the success of Te Ngira Collective

Common Agenda

  • Te Ngira has a shared vision for change, including a common understanding of the problems and a joint approach to solving it through agreed upon actions.

Back Bone Support

  • Successful Collaboration with members of Te Ngira will occur within a support infrastructure with specific skills.

Shared Measurements

  • Using a standardized tool and a range of indicators across all members of our Collective Te Ngira will measure for success.

Mutually Reinforcing Activities

  • Te Ngira members do what they are good at, in a way that reinforces what everyone else in the Collective is doing.

Continuous Communication

  • Te Ngira keeps talking to everyone, using a variety of channels, including face-to-face meetings.
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