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Collective Impact Approach

Collective Impact is an approach that brings people together, in a structured way, to achieve positive social change.  Collective Impact is a framework or approach to tackling deeply entrenched & complex social problems.  

The Collective Impact approach is premised on the belief that no single policy, government department, organisation or program can tackle or solve the increasingly complex social problems we face as a society.  

The approach calls for multiple organisations or entities from different sectors to build a common agenda, share measurement systems and align effort - all supported by centralised infrastructure.

Benefits of the Collective

There are a number of benefits to working collectively rather than individually.  As individual organisations funders may select individual grantees that offer the most promising solutions, however, when working as a collective, social problems arise from the interaction of many organisations within a larger system.

Working in isolation means grantees work separately and compete to produce the greatest individual impact however as a collective progress depends on working towards the same goal and measuring the same things.

Evaluation attempts to isolate a particular grantees impact on large-scale change depends on scaling a single organisation whereas for a collective large-scale impact depends on increasing cross-sector alignment and learning among many organisations.

Another benefit to working collectively is that corporate and government sectors are seen as essential partners, a shift is from disconnection when working in isolation.

Hauraki - Waikato Region

Mutually Reinforcing Activities

Mutually reinforcing activities are important to the collective to be aware of the contribution each member of the collective is making towards achieving our goals.

The cooperation of all members of the collective has resulted in Te Ngira arriving at a set of mutually reinforcing activities.  These activities clarify a clear set of strategies, transparency in the approach and a willingness to adapt.

The collective is performing a series of Whānau focused activities for the development of life skills, job skills, employment placement and capacity building.

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