Te Ngira Collective Impact

Kia Whakatinanatia ko te ihi, ko te wehi, ko te wana me te
hauoranga o te whānau.

Living our Tino Rangatiratanga through strong, healthy,
vibrant and prosperous whānau

What we provide

A service to improve whānau economic outcomes through education, training and employment. This service extends beyond getting whānau into employment but includes support to sustain employment for the first 12 months.

How our service can support you

  • Preparing for Employment stage includes identifying work preference, CV’s, cover letters, interview preparation, complete a train-ing/education programme.
  • Job Search Includes but not limited to, attend employment wānanga, introduction to Te Kōhao Health employment partners, responding to jobs advertised electronically, cold calling.
  • Support in Employment Whānau receive 12 months follow-up where the employment coordinator will contact whānau for a 3 month review, 6 month review, 9 month review and 12 month review.


  • Support whānau to build confidence
  • Support whānau to increase motivation
  • Encourage whānau to become independent
“Whaia tau e hiahia ai, kia eke ai ki te taumata”

Te Kōhao Health Ltd

Kirikiriroa Marae, 951 Wairere Dr
PO Box 7107, Kirikiriroa

Call: 07 856 5479 or 0800 483 564  
Fax: 07 856 5938

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Te Ngira Collective Impact