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Whānau Ora

Whānau Ora is about successful whānau who are:

  • Self-managing
  • Living healthy lifestyles
  • Participating full in society
  • Participating in Te Ao Māori
  • Economically secure and are successfully involved in wealth creation
  • Cohesive, resilient and nurturing.

Whānau must always be in control of their health and wellbeing. The role of the Navigator is to engage, empower, advocate and support whānau to become independent and self-reliant.

The aim of Whānau Ora is to ensure that whānau receive the services they are entitled but more importantly this allows whānau to assess their current position and decide their future goals. The progress of each whānau is determined by their aspirations and their moemoea to meet their goals.

Phone: 0800 4 TEKŌHAO (8356426)

Ask for the Whānau Ora Team

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Integrate social, health, education, justice and financial services to better support whānau to enjoy their lives, improve their own outcomes and move towards optimal independence.
  • Assist whānau in discovering their dreams, developing an action plan and achieving these goals.
  • Focus on engaging whānau (within a supportive cultural context) in developing their capacity to maintain healthy lifestyles and support the complex changes required to manage their capacity to maintain healthy lifestyles and support changes required to improve their situations.
  • Use the comprehensive planning tools, Assessment and Action Plans to enable whānau to better understand their situation, and the steps to improve their situation by developing goals, plans and taking action to enable them to rise to the challenges in their lives to enable them to function at their very best.
  • Establish partnerships between whānau, Te Kōhao services and external services providers and agencies that will support continued engagement, continuity of care and navigation of services for whānau through the complexity of health, education, justice and social service needs.
  • The level of service is in accordance to whānau need, capacity and complexity. This will enable effective responses both to individual circumstances, and where appropriate help mitigate the causes of loss of engagement, continuity or capacity to improve.
  • Assess needs and support whānau to mitigate all needs. Facilitate access to various services that can better support whānau in achieving their identified goals.
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